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1)   If you have a correction, please let me know ASAP -- don't wait 3 or 4 days.  In the future, please call / email me on Saturday, otherwise (unless there are unusual circumstances) the score stands.  

2)   PLAYERS ARE LOOKING FOR PARTNERS - EMAIL or call ME EARLY! If you wait until 10:00pm on Friday night for a partner Saturday morning -- it might happen, but more often, the player who WOULD have played with you has made other plans.) 

3) If you want the earliest warnings on game changes get on the club's email list.
Email:   mcaces at   (replace " at " with a @)

REMINDER:  IF you bring a new player to the game, YOUR game  is $5 off regular price

Masterpoint winners  May 2017 April 2017  

JUNE 2017

June 10 - NO GAME


June 24 - NAP Qualifier / June Birthday game -- ($5 off entry if your birthday is in June!) 




Jim Bartow and Rita Rosenberg  passed away. We will miss them both!!! 


Request for 0-20 side game.  The 0-20 players would have their own set of boards and a small lesson. Proposed time:  10:30am Saturday.  If you know of any players who would like this, please let me know since we would need 7-8 players to make this viable. 



After the game, he is my right hand man -- doing tasks from washing dishes to helping load my car.  He's not a bad bridge player, either!  

Without people like Hans, it would be impossible to run the club. 




RECENT RULING:  "I opened 2C with a strong, trick taking hand... what's the problem?" Well, what is strong?   ACBL general convention chart describes "Strong"  as "... strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bids and after opening bids of two clubs or higher."  So looks like you can't open 2C with a long suit and not a lot of high cards.    (PS.  And NO betting on whether the director can find you a good ruling or not!) 

UPDATE:  ACBL said it's ok to open with 8+ tricks (ie. 9 diamonds to the AKQ with nothing outside)


Right now, I am looking for a partners for:

- Regular partners several players

- Excellent player (prefers SAYC)

- Precision player

Also -- are any of you novices (fewer than 20 masterpoints) interested in playing many (but not all) of the same hands the "big guns" are playing? Let me know! We CAN have a separate game, low stress that runs parallel to the regular game.



ALERT -- what if you alert what isn't really an alert?  FROM THE ACBL SITE: 

According to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge: Law 40.B. Concealed Partnership Understandings Prohibited

    A player may not make a call or play based on a special partnership understanding unless an opposing pair may reasonably be expected to understand its meaning, or unless his side discloses the use of such call or play in accordance with the regulations of the sponsoring organization.

    Bridge is not a game of secret messages; the auction belongs to everyone at the table.
    Remember that the opponents are entitled to know the agreed meaning of all calls.
    The bidding side has an obligation to disclose its agreements according to the procedures established by ACBL.
    When asked, the bidding side must give a full explanation of the agreement. Stating the common or popular name of the convention is not sufficient.
    The opponents need not ask exactly the "right" question.
    Any request for information should be the trigger. Opponents need only indicate the desire for information - all relevant disclosure should be given automatically.
    The proper way to ask for information is "please explain."
    Players who remember that a call requires an Alert but cannot remember the meaning must still Alert.
    In all Alert situations, Tournament Directors should rule with the spirit of the Alert procedure in mind and not simply by the letter of the law.
    Players who, by experience or expertise, recognize that their opponents have neglected to Alert a special agreement will be expected to protect themselves.
    Adjustments for violations are not automatic.
    There must have been misinformation.
    An adjustment will be made only when the misinformation was a direct cause of the damage. Note also that an opponent who actually knows or suspects what is happening, even though not properly informed, may not be entitled to redress if he or she chooses to proceed without clarifying the situation.
    When an Alert is given, ASK, do not ASSUME.

Check out these recent rulings at our club

Want to pay less?  Here are some ways: 

  • Play with a Junior -- Total entry for both of you in a regular game is only $13.
  • Bring a new player -- someone who has never played at my club (at any location).  Price for two of you = $15 for a regular game. 
  • Help me lower my costs -- start really making this a "players club" where everyone brings some of the food and supplies.

Please remembered that this club uses Zero-Tolerance.  You can nominate someone as an Aces Star Player.  

Other places to play or learn?  If you get a chance, check out  For the wonderful info about the games, check out the World Bridge Federation web site  

There is also a new site called Bridge Winners and even though it is new, it has a wealth of information about the game.  One of the players told me that he looked at all of the hands that were played in the recent USBF qualifying.  Not all played perfectly.     

Traffic alerts For latest information about downtown traffic that may make it difficult to reach the game site, check out Freehold Police events page  

Click here to see what happens when you scream too loudly . . .      


Bridge Questions 
"I thought we won!  How can I check my scores?"
  For this and other questions (bidding and play) check out the  Question and Answer page.  If you find an interesting hand or have a question about a convention or just a question, please send it in.  Interesting bidding question from the other day from an online game.  You hold
S - Q J T
H - 2
D - Q 7 4
C - A K J 8 6 5

The opponents pass.   Partner opens 1 D, you bid 2 C.  Partner bids 2 D.  What do you bid next and, more importantly, WHY?